Blog Reflections

2020 New Year Thoughts

It’s a new decade and a new year which calls for some reflection.

I know some could care less about celebrating the new year and the start of a new decade… I mean, shouldn’t we be reflecting daily and making changes to our lives each day to better ourselves? I was much better at doing this when I was working (pre-kids) with the turn of my planner page. Becoming a ‘momgineer’ really changed me and the amount of time I have to reflect on myself.

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes living life catches up to me and I lose myself in the hustle and bustle of keeping up with all of the responsibilities that surround me. This is particularly true with the demands of young children that surround me almost 24/7. It can get pretty overwhelming and exhausting at times, especially when sleep is lacking. I do try to reflect through out the year and make adjustments, but nothing forces me to do this more so than the start of a new year.

This year is quite different. Considering it is the start of a new decade, I find myself looking back on the past 10 years and the path that fate led me toward. The past decade was a frenzy of extreme highs and extreme lows. My life took an extreme change at the beginning of the last decade that was marked by the loss of a close family member and betrayal by someone I considered close to me. I was beat down to my lowest low personally and dug deep to turn my life around.

By the middle of the decade, life really transitioned for the best it’s ever been – finding my true love, moving to a new city for a job change in an industry I always wished to work in and then starting a family of my own which led me to starting this blog. All of this was something I never dreamed possible at the beginning of the last decade. I have been blessed by incredible, supportive and dedicated family, friends and co-workers that never gave up on me and helped pull me up when I was falling – with my husband being my number one supporter. The past decade was about redefining or refining myself with each new life change – moving, new job, marriage, motherhood and writer.

new year 2

Going into the new decade, I want to be more present in the moment I’m living, I want to be more deliberate about decisions and plans so that I can be more present, I want to work on getting more quality sleep and taking care of my body and as my ‘momgineering’ responsibilities become less demanding, I also see some future in possibly re-starting my career or even trying out another career path.

For all my professional connections that follow my blog – please keep me in mind as you make your future plans this coming decade!

Cheers to all of you into this new year and as we make another trip around the sun! I’m looking forward to sharing some new projects ahead!


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