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  • My why…

    My why…

    We entered the “why” phase in our household several months ago.  Every parent that has or had a toddler, is familiar with this sometimes dreaded, exhausting phase.  We try our best to embrace the curiosity.  We want both our children to have the confidence to ask “why” as they grow older.  The best of the… Read more

  • Coining a new phrase: Fairy God-Momgineering!

    Coining a new phrase: Fairy God-Momgineering!

    OHIO.  Rolling hills with gorgeous tree line views, rivers, lakes, creeks, beaches, ponds, gorges, waterfalls, farmland, marsh, etc.  The landscape here is beautiful and there are plenty of park systems with scientists, naturalists, biologists, zoologists, botanists, geologists, architects, ecologists and engineers that ensure that the beauty of OHIO is preserved for us to enjoy. In… Read more

  • GLSC STEM Educators Resource Event

    GLSC STEM Educators Resource Event

      I attended the Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC) STEM Educators Resource Fair in Cleveland, Ohio.  This event was completely FREE to formal and informal educators.  The premise of this event was to showcase to educators everything that the GLSC has to offer including field trips, educational movies in the Cleveland Clinic Dome Theater, examples… Read more

  • The $3 Solar System

    The $3 Solar System

    You don’t need to spend tons of money on toys to integrate a STEM mindset into your child.  In fact, my favorite “toys” have either been free or extremely affordable.  So let’s talk about just one of my inexpensive and versatile STEM finds, where I found it and how we use it! I always check… Read more

  • A New Job Title…

    A New Job Title…

    A little over 3.5 years ago now, I decided to postpone my successful career as an “engineer” and started a new challenge by becoming a Mom. I feel like my job and training really prepared me for it.  And I also feel like being a Mom has strengthed my skills for when I decide to… Read more