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Northeast Ohio Parent Magazine: Sand, Fun and Science

My latest article with Northeast Ohio Parent magazine is now posted on-line. If you are looking for some science fun in the sand this summer, check it out! Link: https://mailchi.mp/northeastohioparent.com/teen-takeover-podcast-summer-festival-lineup-parent-choice-awards-winners-678340 - Kristen

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The Skittles Rainbow Experiment – Learning the Art of Chemistry!

If your kids love skittles as much as mine do, this experiment is a must do! Your little chemist will study and learn about diffusion! While they are at it, they can also experiment and make some fun art!

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The Great Lakes Science Center has had some outstanding and creative LIVE science demonstrations every day since the center closed. Check out my most recent blog on Curiosity Corner with a description of our most favorite and fun lessons so far and links to each one! Link below! Check out my latest Curiosity Corner blog… Continue reading HOW YOUR FAMILY CAN HAVE FUN WITH STEM AT HOME WITH GREAT LAKES SCIENCE CENTER!

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Becoming a Process Engineer by Sorting Materials at Home!

Challenge your little process engineer to separate materials from a heterogeneous mixture without using their hands! They make a fun craft at the end!

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Becoming a Microbiologist with Yeast Balloons!

Let your little microbiologist experiment with yeast to inflate a balloon! What you need: Clear empty bottle A small funnel A tablespoon to measure the ingredients 1 balloon 2 Tablespoons of dry yeast 1 Tablespoon of sugar (any sugar should work) 3 Tablespoons of warm water Mug filled 1/3 of the way with warm water… Continue reading Becoming a Microbiologist with Yeast Balloons!

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Introducing Science through making Ice Cream

We've had some unusually HOT days this fall, which made for a great excuse to make and EAT some of my favorite dessert - ice cream! This turned out to be a really fun activity to do with the kids and I highly recommend using SCIENCE as your next excuse to make and eat ice… Continue reading Introducing Science through making Ice Cream

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Become a Food Chemist this Easter and Experiment with Peeps

DISCLAIMER: I am an Amazon Associate and may earn from qualifying purchases made from the links in this post at no additional cost to you.  Young children love experimenting... their entire day truly is just experimentation - so less structure is better and it's more fun when introducing new concepts to them. We usually do… Continue reading Become a Food Chemist this Easter and Experiment with Peeps