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GLSC Great Barrier Reef Movie Proves to be Turtle-tastic!!

Are you looking for some place warmer to explore this Fall?

Don’t miss the showing of Great Barrier Reef at the Cleveland Clinic DOME theater at the Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC) this November!


The Premiere:

Last evening (November 1, 2018), my daughter and I were privileged to be invited as VIP guests to view the premiere of Great Barrier Reef at the DOME theater at the GLSC located in Cleveland, Ohio.

When we arrived, we were greeted so kindly and felt like movie stars as we walked the red carpet together and posed for photos. This was especially fun for my 3 year old daughter. She had been talking about going to the science center all day long. She loves this place!

We walked upstairs and we were greeted by more amazingly kind and excited staff from the science center where they had popcorn and refreshments available. (How did they know that my daughters favorite snack of all-time is POPCORN? Haha! She happily polished off 3 bags of it that night.)


In addition to popcorn, they had a fun interactive table center piece for the kids to build their own underwater turtle habitat. My daughter was gifted an adorable small plush turtle to take home that night. Did you know that you can get your own stuffed turtle too?? Be one of the first 100 ticket purchasers for the new showing and you will receive one!


We learned about the importance of water pH for the health of various fish and how researchers can test pH. Did you know that those annoying midges that we get every year in Cleveland actually mean that Lake Erie is well balanced and healthy? I didn’t!

They had a brief presentation prior to the premiere by GLSC President and CEO, Kirsten Ellenbogen and a trivia game about the Great Barrier Reef. Ms. Ellenbogen shared some VERY exciting changes coming to the GLSC very soon. More on those at the end of this post. I want to first share information about the movie itself!
Great Barrier Reef Movie:


The images in this film, especially of the Great Barrier Reef underwater, are absolutely stunning and the movie is impressive! The movie follows Jemma Craig, an underwater photographer, reef native and founder of Islandjems Imagery, on an expedition to learn and document the work being done by various volunteers, researchers and scientists to save the reef and keep it healthy.

The storyline was relatively easy for my 3 year old to follow and understand. She was especially excited and interested about the work that was done to save a turtle from the reef at the Fitzroy Island Turtle Rehabilitation Center. After the movie, she surprised me with her take awaydon’t throw trash in the ocean or it will hurt the sea animals!

We also learned about how the reef changes at night, how the reef is changing with climate change and the incredible cutting edge research being done by scientists at the Australian Institute of Marine Life to save the reef. This is a really great, informative and inspirational family-friendly film.
More from the GLSC:
2:1 Grant for Renovations:


Kirsten Ellenbogen (pictured above), CEO and President of the GLSC, shared some very exciting news last night. The GLSC received a 2:1 Challenge Grant from their anonymous donor.

The funds will be used to update the Second Floor Science Phenomena area. This area of the museum has ranked as one of the top favorites by visitors. The improvements will allow for bigger exhibits, more hands on features and some new areas. These new areas will be prototyped by guests over the next six months. So if you visit, you might be pulled aside to check out the new areas!

The GLSC has been challenged to raise $250,000 in donations by December 31, 2018. The donor will make a $2 donation for every $1 raised (i.e. gift of $30 gives $90 and $2000 becomes $6000). For more information on how to donate to this incredible grant, call 216-696-4260 or email development@glsc.org.

Great Science Academy:

In addition, the GLSC had launched the Great Science Academy, which is an immersive program for children in grades 6-9. Kids gather twice a month on Saturdays to explore STEM careers in a fun, creative environment. The topics for each grade are as follows: grade 6 is Sustainability, grade 7 is Mars and Space, grade 8 is Biomechanics and grade 9 is Entrepreneurship.

If you are interested in learning more or sending your children to the Great Science Academy, check out the website link above and contact them directly. They are also always looking for professional volunteers to help with the Great Science Academy. If you are interested, they would love for you to contact them directly!
Check out the Movie!!

I highly recommend that you take your family to see this movie – IT IS EXCELLENT. You can follow this link to the list of showtimes and ticket prices! It launches tomorrow, November 3, 2018 at the GLSC!!!

Check out Grossology while you are there too! Grossology lasts until January and then will be replaced by an exhibit designed by the GLSC on automobiles!

I want to thank the Great Lakes Science Center for allowing me and my daughter the opportunity to attend the premiere of Great Barrier Reef. We had so much fun and learned so many new facts about the reef and marine life. It was exciting for me, as a parent, to see my daughters excitement over this movie and listening to her talk about what she learned afterwards. I learned some really amazing facts too. It made me want to visit Australia!

DISCLAIMER: My daughter and I received exclusive access to the GLSC VIP event for the premiere of the Great Barrier Reef movie at the GLSC. In exchange, I was asked to promote the launch of this movie on my social media platform and blog. I am also a member of the GLSC. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. If you have any questions, please contact me at momgineeringthefuture@gmail.com.


Great Lakes Science Center, STEM Resources

GLSC STEM Educators Resource Event


In front of the GLSC

I attended the Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC) STEM Educators Resource Fair in Cleveland, Ohio.  This event was completely FREE to formal and informal educators.  The premise of this event was to showcase to educators everything that the GLSC has to offer including field trips, educational movies in the Cleveland Clinic Dome Theater, examples of their hands-on workshops and additional events that they host for schools.  Many of their STEM partners were also in attendance at the event.

I am not a formal educator, I am (and most of my readers) are informal educators of children – particularly young children.  So my participation in this event was from a parent’s perspective – an informal educator – attempting to gather STEM ideas to incorporate for my children and also to gain further insight into more STEM resources available.

One of the workshops for PreK to Kindergarten really struck me as a project that could easily be adopted at home.  This workshop focused on the story of The Three Little Pigs.   If you google search, you will find many different videos, blogs and worksheets recommending how to carry out these activities in a classroom setting.

PreK to Kindergarten display table showcasing hands-on workshop of the The Three Little Pigs at the GLSC.

Your child would transform into the pigs from the story and build each of the houses to try to withstand the big, bad wolf (which could be a hair dryer) from materials you provide.  As you recall in the story, the first pig built his house out of straw, the second pig out of sticks and the third out of bricks.  The straw and sticks I feel are pretty self explanatory and easy to find.  They used Legos as their “bricks”.  You could even get creative and find these items on a nature hunt – straw (or grass), sticks, and stones.  The activity teaches problem solving, provides a basic introduction to material properties and could also be used to work on comprehension.  I could also see this taken further for older children to incorporate cost of materials.

The idea of connecting engineering concepts to a children’s book is pretty brilliant to me.  My toddler would LOVE this!  This unlocked a new realm of creativity.  In the future, when I’m reading books to my children, the creativity wheels will be turning.

I did feel that this event would be very beneficial for new educators or educators that are not familiar with the additional STEM resources in the area.  There are some really great hands-on workshops that the GLSC offers to educational groups!  I am grateful to the GLSC for allowing me to participate in this event as an informal educator.  Everyone was incredibly welcoming and informative.

Some of the additional STEM partners in attendance that I’d suggest parents check out were: Lakeland Community College HIVE, the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning, and the National Inventors Hall of Fame. In the future, I hope to check out more of what these STEM partners offer children and share them!

If you are an educator who would like more information on the opportunities at the Great Lakes Science Center, you can find more information under the Educators tab on their website!

The information provided above about the event was based on my experience and understanding.  I have no direct relationship with the GLSC other than I have a membership.  For more information, please visit the GLSC website.  I won an Inventionland Inventors Kit through a random drawing.  I gifted this kit to my child’s school for educational purposes.