Solar Oven S’mores

The kids might be back in school but there is still time to squeeze in some last minute science experiments. The girls and I made our own solar ovens! The best part about this end of summer experiment is that kids can set it up before school and see the results when they get home!

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Bring the Color in with Crayon Sun Catchers!

We love crayons in our home and use them daily! We have been collecting our broken crayons for several months and we decided to use them for some fun STEAM projects at home. One of our recent projects was inspired by the book in my Reading STEMs Learning Series entitled, 'The Crayon Man'. We created these fun STEAM sun catchers with crayon shavings and wax paper!

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Northeast Ohio Parent Magazine: Sand, Fun and Science

My latest article with Northeast Ohio Parent magazine is now posted on-line. If you are looking for some science fun in the sand this summer, check it out! Link: https://mailchi.mp/northeastohioparent.com/teen-takeover-podcast-summer-festival-lineup-parent-choice-awards-winners-678340 - Kristen

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Curiosity Corner LIVE Design Challenges for the Week of June 15 through June 19!

If you've been following the last few weeks, we've been participating in the Great Lakes Science Center's Curiosity Corner LIVE Design Challenges on social media! Last week I posted a summary of our design challenges from the previous two weeks. Today, I'm sharing this past weeks challenges! Be sure to check out my social media pages for… Continue reading Curiosity Corner LIVE Design Challenges for the Week of June 15 through June 19!