Grossology Exhibit Exceeds Gross-ness Expectations! Don’t miss it!

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20181013_105015The Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, Ohio has truly out done themselves with their latest exhibit, “Grossology: The Impolite Science of the Human Body”.

Anyone passing through Cleveland, Ohio from now until January 6, 2019 needs to check this out. This exhibit is included in general admission price!  So you can check out the rest of the museum and the exhibit for one price!  And members can get in FREE.

My husband and I took the two girls the day after it opened on October 13.  It definitely exceeded our expectations.  Our whole family loved it – it’s an exhibit for all ages.

The first thing that surprised me was that the exhibit is based on a book with the same name. It was written by Sylvia Branzei in conjunction with Science World and Advanced Exhibits.  They wanted to make science fun.  (The book is for sale in the science center gift shop.)


When we first walked inside the exhibit, we learned about allergies and colds from a really charming animatronic named Nigel-Nose-It-All.  The girls loved pushing the buttons and listening to him explain various reasons why their noses run and why. The highlight for them was watching the ginormous snot ball fall from his faucet nose.

Next there was a huge wall of skin to climb. Kids could climb up the wall by holding onto and stepping on pimples, warts, moles, hair, etc.  My daughter said that it was “too gross to play on that”, so we moved on!  Haha!  I would definitely say THAT was a complement to the exhibit creators!

My digestive system

We explored the inside of the nose, sounds of the human body, climbed through the digestive system, learned why we vomit, removed waste from a kidney, and we even played on a giant game of “Operation”!

My one year old’s favorite was exploring the science behind tooting at the “Toot Toot” station.  She learned about it with the air running through rubber tubing and using her fingers to release the air.  Apparently, the sound of a toot is very dependent on the shape of your anus!  Who knew? Haha!

My 3 year old with Burp Man

My 3 year old was able to play her first pinball machine while learning about which foods create more gas in her body. The more gassy the food that the pinball hit, the higher her score climbed!

My 3 year old was also intrigued by burp man!  She was able to pump pop into his stomach to build up pressure and then listen to him release the burp.

This exhibit will be open over the holidays except for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas.  Ohio teachers receive FREE admission.  For more information on admission and discounts available, please see the GLSC Admissions page.

Check out the rest of the museum while you are there too!

We have a membership to the Great Lakes Science Center and attended out of our own interest.  This post was not a request from the Great Lakes Science Center and I received no compensation for this post.  


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  1. Jen @ Why CLE? Avatar

    We can’t wait to check this out! We’ll have to read the book, too!

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  3. […] Grossology was one of the first exhibits we checked out as a family and it really set the bar for the high quality, educational exhibits at the science center.  Last year, we visited “Vroom! A Car Adventure” at least 6 times with the kids. […]

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