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Sums in Space – Math Game

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A fun game we recently purchased is called Sums in Space. I found it in my recommended list on Amazon one day and thought we’d give it a try! This game lets children blast off to space while practicing subtraction and addition as well as becoming familiar with even and odd numbers in a fun way.

It is recommended for kids older than 5 years old but I am able to play it with my 4 year old. I help her by doing subtraction and addition with our fingers. Even and odd numbers could be easily taught by making a chart for young children to reference. At each turn, the players roll three dice, which creates a subtraction or addition problem to determine how many spaces to move your astronaut. Along the board, there are various odd ‘duck’ and even ‘Steven’s’ spaces as well as ‘black holes that slow you down.

As your child grows and learns, the rules of the game change slightly for increased difficulty.

If your child is learning simple math or about to start learning simple math, loves playing games and has a good attention span, this might be a great game to play with your child!

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