Reading STEMs Learning: The Science of Defying Gravity

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About the Book:

The Science of Defying Gravity by L.G. Reed was just released earlier this month! This book is meant for middle school children so that they may find science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields to be entertaining and fun!

Cassie, the main character in the book, is an 11 year old who dreams of becoming a movie director in space! She plans to go to Space Camp but those quickly detour when her Dad loses her job and her parents can no longer afford for her to go. She decides to set her stakes on an academic achievement scholarship to pay for Space Camp and asks her science teacher for a letter of recommendation. But there is a problem – Cassie has shown no interest in her science class. In fact, most of the time she sleeps through class! Her science teacher decides to agree to the recommendation ONLY after Cassie completes several challenging and almost impossible standards in class. And her principal wants her to win the science fair project in order to earn his recommendation letter! This book is all about Cassie finding her passion, curiosity, perserverence, and changing her attitude towards science!

The book includes REAL data tables and charts for Cassie’s science fair project as well as detailed and accurate explanations for forces like lift, thrust, gravity and drag.

About the Author / Publisher:

The author & publisher, L.G. Reed, was born in Cleveland, Ohio before she moved to California where she worked in marketing and aerospace engineering. Her goal for this book is to spark interest and curiosity in the STEM fields with middle school girls. She wants them to start thinking about science! Research has shown that the middle school years are the most crucial for establishing a girls’ interest in STEM topics.

Reed started her own publishing company. Keyes Canyon Press is an independent publisher focusing on middle grade and young adult fiction, and poetry for all ages. It seeks out manuscripts that encourage reading and learning from un-agented authors.

My thoughts:

I can’t wait to enjoy this book with my daughters!

This book was a wonderful, entertaining, educational, and fun read! It is meant for middle school children around ages 8-12 and I would agree that it is very relatable to children in that age group. Young readers can put themselves in Cassie’s shoes and relate to all the other characters in the book as well.

Cassie has several mentors and friends along the way that help her. I also loved that the Society of Women Engineers made an appearance in the book! This is an organization that was important to me as a female engineering student.

I hope that you decide to check it out!


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