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Preschool Math Exercises

We have a 100s chart at our home that we use very frequently. I thought I would share some ways we are using it currently.

If you don’t have one, you could easily use a number line or tens blocks too.  We are specifically working on number recognition, which is why I opted for our convenient chart
We also usually use candy (right now, we are using skittles,) or some uncommon but beloved snack for the activity just because it really motivates my preschooler. However, you could use anything countable and repeatable like small toys, counters, etc.

Here’s what we do:
1️⃣ First, we count out each skittle and place them on each number as we count. (See photo above, top left image.)

2️⃣ Second, we group the skittles by color and count them.  We place each color sorted group of skittles in the corresponding number on the chart. We will also discuss which color has the most / least.

3️⃣ Then, I’ll start a color pattern with the skittles and let my preschooler finish it.

4️⃣ Lastly, we enjoy the skittles together. 🥰

Not only does this activity work on early math skills but it also helps little ones continue to develop those fine motor skills.


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