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If you are familiar with and love the movie, Hidden Figures, then you are familiar with Katherine Johnson. Katherine Johnson is a famous mathematician who made huge contributions to NASA’s space program. She was integral to ensuring major projects were successful like John Glenn’s orbit around the Earth and Neil Armstrong’s landing mission to the moon!

The book, “A Computer Named Katherine”, is a wonderful tribute to her life, the challenges she faced being an African American growing up as well as being a highly educated woman at NASA. This book is perfect for elementary aged children! It explains her story so well and it is also relatable in that there are subtle mathematical equations scattered through out the story.

The illustrations in the book are stunning and detailed. They really draw in the reader! My six year old daughter loves this book and it will be a beloved book throughout her elementary school years!

About the Author:

Suzanne Slade is a mechanical engineer that has worked at both NASA and at the Air Force. She is also an award winning author of over 100 children’s book. She often writes about STEM women but has also written other titles like “The Inventor’s Secret: What Thomas Edison Told Henry Ford”. She lives in Illinois with her husband. To learn more about her, visit her website at

About the Illustrator:

“A Computer Named Katherine” was Veronica Miller Jamison’s debut book. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and her cat. She is an illustrator, textile designer and fashion design educator. She also works part time for print designer Lilly Pulitzer! You can read more about her on her website

If you wish to purchase this book, it is available on Amazon via this link!


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