Slime Made Easy!

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Did you know that you don’t need to buy lots of ingredients to make slime at home? Just add ✌️ ingredients! The Newell Rubbermaid company, who makes the Elmer’s glue products, has made making slime a WHOLE lot easier!

Thanks to them, instead of gathering items like saline solution, food coloring, or borax, you only need two simple ingredients: 1) a colorful bottle of Elmer’s glue and 2) Elmer’s ‘magical liquid’. 

The magical liquid includes trace amounts of boric acid which replaces the borax or contact lenses solution. The colorful glues replaces the mess of glue and food coloring. 

You can purchase the magical liquid and glue separate or in a kit. Just follow the instructions to combine and mix… WALLA!!! Slime!!!

We made all kinds – several colors, color changing, and glow in the dark. It was SO easy! And while I don’t recommend drinking these, these products are non toxic to children like all theirb other Elmer’s products.


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