Reading STEMs Learning: Full House – An Invitation to Fractions

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I’ve found reading books to be the ‘STEM’ that roots us into the blossoming of knowledge. Check out my next ‘Reading STEM’s Learning Series’ book review on “Full House – An Invitation to Fractions“!

About the Book:

Full House – An Invitation to Fractions is a book about a woman named Miss Bloom who runs an inn. She loves hosting visitors and throughout the day she welcomes new charming characters to her inn until all the rooms are filled. In the middle of the night, Miss Bloom finds all the visitors eating dessert together in the kitchen, where she discovers a delightful surprise.

About the Author and Illustrator:

The author, Dayle Ann Dodds, is a former elementary school teacher and has written numerous other math picture books for children.

According to her website, Abby Carter is a children’s book illustrator who loves drawing in wobbly, curvy lines. She enjoys bright colors, patterns, and expressive faces. I could certainly see all of those characteristics in her drawings of this book.

My thoughts:

This book is a simple introduction to fractions and was great for my preschool child because of the storyline. I feel that this book is still well suited for my elementary who is beginning to grasp an understanding of fractions. In order to fully grasp the concept of fractions, my children needed to understand that fractions are parts of a whole. This book does a wonderful job of incorporating that concept. I found this book to be a helpful conversation starter to fractions.

This was a cute story with great illustrations. Some elementary students could use a book that is more in depth than this one is for fractions. But I could see this book used in elementary curriculum as part of an introductory lesson to fractions as it could lend itself nicely to some hands-on classroom activities. I recommend checking this book out for yourself to see if it is appropriate for your own child!

If you would like to purchase this book, here is the link to it on Amazon.


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