Sweet times at Candytopia Cleveland!

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We recently visited Candytopia in Cleveland, Ohio and had such a SWEET time!

What is Candytopia?

Candytopia Cleveland is an interactive candy land museum with edible artwork that awes the imagination and engineering mind! Step into an underwater world where everything under the ocean is sweet as can be, swing among the lollipops, celebrate with confetti farting pigs, and take a plunge into the marshmallow pool! You won’t need a ‘life saver’ for this experience! For all the curious scientists, architects, engineers, and artists out there, there are a lot of engineered interactive areas at almost every turn, and signs posted to tell how long it took to construct and how many pieces of candy were used in construction. While it is strictly forbidden to eat the artwork, displays, and interactive pieces, there are plenty of samples available to munch on in each room! So you won’t leave empty ‘candied’.

Where is Candytopia?

Cleveland’s pop-up Candytopia experience is located in Legacy Village right between Dick’s Sporting Goods and Ethan Allen. The address is 24613 Cedar Road, Lyndhurst OH. There are also two other states with locations – Virginia and New York.

How do I get tickets?

I recommend reserving your tickets before you go to ensure you can enter at the time you request. This is especially important if you attend as a group like we did. Go to https://www.candytopia.com and click on the location you want. Select the date you wish to attend, the time, and how many tickets you wish to purchase. Tickets are a bit on the pricey side – adult tickets are $28 and children are $20. Your tickets will be sent to you. I had mine sent to me via text message so I could easily pull up them up at the door.

What do I wear, bring, and what other tips do you have?

Below you’ll find a few ‘Twix’ to help savor your experience! Plan for the experience to take you around an hour from start to finish.

I highly recommend wearing pants, a t-shirt, socks, and sneakers or gym shoes to Candytopia. I recommend this for two reasons: 1) the confetti room is quite literally FULL of confetti and if you wear something other than this, you will risk discovering confetti in places that confetti normally should not be! Haha! AND 2) the marshmallow pool is full of foam marshmallows that can and will get up dresses. You also must remove your shoes to jump in.

I recommend bringing extra baggies or a small backpack to store your candy samples. Each gallery room generally allows guests to take anywhere from 1-3 pieces of candy. It is much easier to store them when you have a bag with you.

Bring water bottles. Water is available to purchase halfway through the fun, but it is just less expensive to bring your own drink.

Be sure to scan the QR code for cool photo experiences throughout the experience. We missed a ton of these along the way because my kids were so excited to keep moving through the rooms, but we did snag a few!

On that note – don’t be an ‘airhead’ and race through the experience. Once you leave a room, you can’t turn back. Be sure to explain this to the kids before hand. 🙂

What was your favorite part?

Each gallery room has tons of fun for guests to explore but our favorite was the marshmallow pool which is a timed experience at the end. The foam marshmallows are super cushy – not sticky. We enjoyed swimming, falling, throwing, and burying one another in them. There are also some surprise interactive portions in this area!

Would you recommend Candytopia to others?

I would highly recommend going to this interactive exhibit at least once! It was so much fun! Also, the photos and videos we have from our experience were colorful, fun, and memorable; no ‘sugarcoating’ this experience.

If you need more convincing, here’s what my 6 and 8 year old thought –

I loved it! The marshmallow pit was my favorite because it was fun to play in!”

– My 6 year old.

I thought it was fun! My favorite part was the farting confetti pigs because you don’t get to see that everyday!”

– My 8 year old.

Be sure to check out my instagram reel from our experience below! If you want to read about other Northeast Ohio places we visited, click here.



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