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A little over 3.5 years ago now, I decided to postpone my successful career as an “engineer” and started a new challenge by becoming a Mom.

I feel like my job and training really prepared me for it.  And I also feel like being a Mom has strengthed my skills for when I decide to join back into the work force.

Being a Mom – it’s problem solving, it’s experimenting, it’s researching, it’s being creative, it’s planning, it’s coordinating, it’s multi-tasking, it’s being proactive, it’s putting in countermeasures, it’s teaching, it’s being flexible to spur of the moment changes (sometimes over and over again in the span of just 10 minutes) and it’s accepting that sometimes there are just no answers and you have to move everyone forward – all things I used to do but in a technical setting.

My two absolute favorite things to do in my engineering profession was 1) to simplify things and to make them better, more cost effective, more compliant and easier to understand and 2) teach and mentor others.  Now, I get to do this every single day!

My job title changed to what some would normally call “Stay-At-Home-Mom” or “Domestic Engineer” but I prefer “Momgineer” because I truly am “Momgineering the Future“!

Momgineer (noun) – A mom who carries through a new generation by skillful or artful contrivance, who never quits, who never gets days off and who loves unconditionally.  **

Naturally with my background, everyday I try to incorporate some form of engineering or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) mindset into my children – either through problem solving, crafting, books we read, movies or TV shows we watch, toys we play with, trips we take, memberships / subscriptions we have, etc.  My goal is to prime their interest for learning these subjects and build their confidence.  Since I have two daughters, I feel this is especially important for them.

There are studies out there that I’ve read that indicate that (STILL?!?!?) one of the main reasons girls and young women do not consider STEM fields (academic success and interest aside) is because of their confidence level compared to male counterparts.  With my girls, this will not happen.

I want others to feel that they can also introduce STEM concepts in a fun way with their young children too.  By creating this blog, I hope to share some things I’ve found that have been extremely helpful and we love!  I’d love for you to share ideas with me too!

If you have STEM ideas, thoughts or places (especially in and around Ohio) that you would like me to consider checking out or writing about, please feel free to contact me at momgineeringthefuture@gmail.com or click on my contact page above.

All ideas and thoughts on this page are mine alone.


** Modified from Webster dictionaries definition of an engineer.


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