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Hi there! All great scientists do their research so here I am… I’m looking for feedback to help me improve my blog this year!

Sometimes it’s hard to ask for feedback because you open yourself up to criticism, especially when it’s anonymous feedback.  So I’m asking that you keep in mind that I’m human just like you and to please be kind and respectful.

There is a link to an anonymous survey at the bottom. Could you take it? It should only take about 3 minutes to complete. It will be active (at least) through Tuesday, January 22!

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Season of Silent Reflection


As we head into 2019, I am going to take some time for silent reflection, which means I may be silent on my blog and social media pages for a short period of time…

My featured image for this blog post (also pictured below) is a photo I took during a trip to a gorge near our home several years back. I do some photography as a hobby on the side. The photo tells a story of seasons. Everything in the image is so still, calm and reflective. We know that the ice will soon melt as the season changes and something new and beautiful will emerge from underneath.


I started this journey about 4 months ago. I’ve achieved some really amazing things in that short period of time. I never would have imagined it at the beginning of this year because I never planned to start a blog this year. Luckily, a fellow blogger friend gave me a slight nudge, so I finally took the plunge!

As I approach the new year, I want and need to do some reflection before I enter into my new ‘season’. I want to deliver more exciting, quality and useful content. I want to adjust my content to reach a larger audience. And I also want to highlight some very successful people I know, that have walked the STEM career path and could offer some great insight and perspective. I am hoping that I can deliver some giveaway’s here and there also!

My full time job is a ‘momgineer’, which means I work on my blog when my little blessings aren’t requesting my presence – HAHA! My time is truly limited. So in order to be successful, I need time to reflect and get more organized. I started down this road without a set destination and really without much planning.

I still plan to continue to provide ideas for parents, caregivers and educators to easily nurture a child’s already curious mind but with new and improved content – we desperately need more critical thinkers and problem solvers in this world and I am determined to help with that!

I have absolutely enjoyed every bit of this journey. My blog has nurtured my scientific mind and allowed me to stay up-to-date in my engineering knowledge and skillsets. It has also brought me back to my love for writing.

So for now, I know that I need to set some challenging goals for myself to achieve next year and get more organized in order to reach them.

Please be patient during my reflection and preparation phase! In the meantime, be sure to check out and follow me on my social media pages so you can see what I’m up to. And if you like what I’m doing, please share it with your family and friends too.

Also, let me know what kind of content you’ve enjoyed… book reviews, my visits to various STEM locations, fairy house, etc. I want to continue to deliver what is useful and enjoyed.

Huge thank you to all of my loyal followers, fellow bloggers, friends, family and former co-workers that have either shared my blog, my social media pages or just shared in the excitement of my content each week. Thank you for believing in me and supporting me!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and even better start to the New Year!

All the best,

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My why…

We entered the “why” phase in our household several months ago.  Every parent that has or had a toddler, is familiar with this sometimes dreaded, exhausting phase.  We try our best to embrace the curiosity.  We want both our children to have the confidence to ask “why” as they grow older.  The best of the best scientists and problem solvers ask “why”.  If you have a child like this or if you are going through this phase, I highly suggest the book, “Ada Twist, Scientist” by Andrea Beaty (the other books in this collection are outstanding too).

Question MarkThis week, I’m going to touch on “why”.  But not the “why” you are thinking of or how I framed this blog post… a different kind of “why”.  Since I started this blog about a month ago, I’ve received a lot of really great positive feedback from so many of my amazing and supportive family and friends, several former co-workers and even total strangers.  (Which, by the way, I’ve appreciated every single one – it’s the reason I’ve continued.  So thank you for the support and for the shares!)  But one common question I have received is, “why did you decide to do this?”.

Let’s travel back to the summer before my senior year in high school.  At that time, I was narrowing in on universities and I was pretty sure that I wanted to major in journalism.  I wrote for the newspaper of my high school, often wrote editorial comments to my local newspaper and I was even part of an Explorers program with one of the large local TV news stations in my hometown.  I loved writing.

Then, my Dad (an engineer) approached me about a Summer Engineering Camp at my local university (now, my college alma mater) for high school girls.  I really hadn’t considered engineering until then.  And I honestly didn’t know what engineering was, so I decided to check it out.  I LOVED it and that following week, I declared that I was going to major in engineering.  Not only was it interesting but I truly felt that I could change the world. (And, in a small way, I was able to do that in my career before becoming a Mom.)

That one experience and decision has led me down so many wonderful paths in my life.  I only wish that there had been more opportunities available to not just my parents but other parents to introduce these concepts sooner – especially to young girls.

My love for writing has always been there but the experiences of my life (many I didn’t even touch on here) are what led me to this.  I feel that it is so important to introduce children to STEM careers and problem solving concepts early – while their curiosity is still high.  This will in turn build their confidence later in school and in life.  As parents, we are their first teachers.  And more parents and caregivers should feel that they are also able to help their young kids – without always spending tons of money.  And I know I’ve stressed young kids but if your children are older, it’s not too late to get them exposed either… I was a senior in high school!

I became an engineer because I wanted to change the world and help others.  This is one way that I feel that I can do that with my background…

Who knows… maybe I’ll inspire the parents of the next doctor, nurse, astronaut, engineer, biologist, Nobel prize winner… ok, that might be stretching it… but you understand what I’m saying… 

I don’t know where this blog will lead me in the future but I’m open to the possibilities!

I promise that next week, I’ll get back to more exciting STEM posts for you and your children.  As always, all opinions in this post are my own.

Tell me about your experiences getting introduced to the STEM fields or tell me about struggles you might have introducing STEM to your kids in the comments below or at


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A New Job Title…

A little over 3.5 years ago now, I decided to postpone my successful career as an “engineer” and started a new challenge by becoming a Mom.

I feel like my job and training really prepared me for it.  And I also feel like being a Mom has strengthed my skills for when I decide to join back into the work force.

Being a Mom – it’s problem solving, it’s experimenting, it’s researching, it’s being creative, it’s planning, it’s coordinating, it’s multi-tasking, it’s being proactive, it’s putting in countermeasures, it’s teaching, it’s being flexible to spur of the moment changes (sometimes over and over again in the span of just 10 minutes) and it’s accepting that sometimes there are just no answers and you have to move everyone forward – all things I used to do but in a technical setting.

My two absolute favorite things to do in my engineering profession was 1) to simplify things and to make them better, more cost effective, more compliant and easier to understand and 2) teach and mentor others.  Now, I get to do this every single day!

My job title changed to what some would normally call “Stay-At-Home-Mom” or “Domestic Engineer” but I prefer “Momgineer” because I truly am “Momgineering the Future“!

Momgineer (noun) – A mom who carries through a new generation by skillful or artful contrivance, who never quits, who never gets days off and who loves unconditionally.  **

Naturally with my background, everyday I try to incorporate some form of engineering or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) mindset into my children – either through problem solving, crafting, books we read, movies or TV shows we watch, toys we play with, trips we take, memberships / subscriptions we have, etc.  My goal is to prime their interest for learning these subjects and build their confidence.  Since I have two daughters, I feel this is especially important for them.

There are studies out there that I’ve read that indicate that (STILL?!?!?) one of the main reasons girls and young women do not consider STEM fields (academic success and interest aside) is because of their confidence level compared to male counterparts.  With my girls, this will not happen.

I want others to feel that they can also introduce STEM concepts in a fun way with their young children too.  By creating this blog, I hope to share some things I’ve found that have been extremely helpful and we love!  I’d love for you to share ideas with me too!

If you have STEM ideas, thoughts or places (especially in and around Ohio) that you would like me to consider checking out or writing about, please feel free to contact me at or click on my contact page above.

All ideas and thoughts on this page are mine alone.


** Modified from Webster dictionaries definition of an engineer.