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Celebrate Superpower Dogs at the GLSC

IMG_20190614_175648Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity to check out the omnimax film, SuperPower Dogs at the Great Lakes Science Center’s Cleveland Clinic Dome Theater.

It’s a movie comprised of individual stories of six main dogs – Halo (a Dutch Shepherd), Henry (a Border Collie), Reef (a Newfoundland), Ricochet (a Golden Retriever), and Tony & Tipper (both Bloodhounds).  Each dog has it’s own remarkable abilities – some are rescue dogs while others provide emotional support.

Halo is the main dog in the film and it follows her three year journey from being a hand selected puppy, through the challenges of training and growing into an adult to become part of the Florida Task Force 1 Disaster Relief team.

As the movie introduces each dog and it’s superpowers, it provides both a visual and educational understanding of the dogs biology and how it helps them do their incredible jobs well.

img_20190614_183003.jpgThis movie is both heart warming, interesting, educational and fun for children and adults.  All of the dogs in the movie are relatable and extremely brave.  I took my four year old to the movie and she absolutely loved it.

If you are a dog lover, I highly encourage you to check out this film at the Great Lakes Science Center before it leaves the theater!

– Kristen

Disclaimer: I received two free tickets to the premiere of SuperPower Dogs from the Great Lakes Science Center.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own!

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