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Giveaway: Let’s Get Curious at the GLSC!

Don't miss my giveaway for four free tickets to the Great Lakes Science Center! More details at the end of this article. Read all about the newest exhibit at the Great Lakes Science Center Curious George: Let's Get Curious and Run, Jump, Fly! Adventures in Action. It is available until January 8 and included in General Admission. There are also two new movies playing at the Cleveland Clinic Dome Theater - a beautiful and inspiring movie called Ireland and a super cute and informative movie called Sea Lions: Life by a Whisker.

Great Lakes Science Center, Museums, Northeast Ohio

“Fight for your right to” check out the science of Rock n’ Roll at the Great Lakes Science Center!!

If you love music, The Science of Rock n' Roll at the Great Lakes Science Center is for you, and you absolutely MUST check it out before it leaves their special exhibits area on September 5, 2022. "Fight for your right to" check out this special exhibit soon! Sincerely, The Science Chick from an 'Alternative Decade' - Kristen

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Color Changing Butterfly Pea Tea

This delicious, beautiful, color changing sweet tea is sure to be the highlight of your kid party this summer. Butterfly pea flowers have a special property that makes them great pH indicators. The flowers pigment changes color depending on the pH of whatever it is mixed with. You can make this sweetened tea up to 3 days in advance.

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Fly On In to Above and Beyond at the GLSC

We checked out the newest exhibit, 'Above and Beyond' at the Great Lakes Science Center and it was 'above and beyond' our expectations! Read more about our full experience!

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STEM Career Interview Series: Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Curator and Chair of Archaeology, Dr. Brian Redmond

I am excited to introduce Dr. Brian Redmond who is Curator and John Otis Shower Chair of Archeology at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

Great Lakes Science Center, Northeast Ohio, STEM Career Series, STEM Careers

STEM Career Interview Series: Great Lakes Science Center, STEM Learning Project Manager, Karyn Torigoe

I'm sharing the story of a woman in science located at the Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC) in Cleveland, Ohio - Karyn Torigoe, who is the STEM Learning Product Manager. As the STEM Learning Product Manager, Karyn works along side with schools and parents across Northeast Ohio to determine the best programs to offer to the students in our area at the science center. Read more to find out how she found herself in her STEM career and her message for kids interested in STEM professions!