“Fight for your right to” check out the science of Rock n’ Roll at the Great Lakes Science Center!!

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Disclaimer: I am a contributing writer to Curiosity Corner at the Great Lakes Science Center. We were provided free admission to the museum to check out the new exhibit, The Science of Rock and Roll, to provide my honest review. As always, all opinions are my own.

It’s been a busy several months, but we were finally able to ‘shake our groove thang’ over to the Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC) to check out their newest special exhibit – The Science of Rock and Roll. This exhibit is not available much longer as its ‘grand finale’ is September 5, 2022!


The Science of Rock n’ Roll exhibit is incredibly interactive, provides hours of exciting education about music, and has something for the whole family to enjoy! Our favorite part overall about this exhibit, is how interactive it is, yet also quiet considering all the instruments around us (thanks for all the headphones and special equipment throughout)!

My family had the opportunity to try out various instruments, learn about how sound is made with each one, test out our voices singing in a sound booth, learn about the history of how music was / is made, try our hands at making our own musical sounds, and create our own album covers.

We had so much fun learning about and experimenting with tone, rhythm, pitch, and timbre! The kids loved testing out the drums, guitar, sound booth, and sound tables. I personally loved checking out each decade in music history.

I relived my decades of music which included 1990s Grunge Music – like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. I recalled the days of phoning local radio stations 20,000 times to request your favorite song, then waiting for it to come on the radio and record it on a cassette tape at the exact right moment! The kids were blown away at the commitment we had back then. We certainly were the alternative decade!

Check out some more of the fun photos from our visit!


If you love music, this is the place for you, and you absolutely MUST check it out before it leaves their special exhibits area in just a couple of weeks. If you have children, there is plenty for them to love and enjoy too!


The Science Chick from an ‘Alternative Decade’ – Kristen

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