Virtual STEM Camp Engages Curiosity, Creativity and Fun!

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Each summer, the Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC) offers on-site STEAM learning camps, called Camp Curiosity, for the local Northeast Ohio community. This year, they are also offering virtual camp options to campers called ‘Camp Curiosity At Home‘.

I am so excited to share with you our recent experience with this *NEW* virtual camp!

My daughter had an absolute blast while learning and gaining an incredible amount of knowledge and experience, which left her more confident and even more curious about the world around her!

Her specific takeaways were:

  • Forensic science, cyber security and chemistry are full of mystery, fun problems to solve and excitement!
  • Virtual classrooms are fun, interactive and inviting!
  • Art, reading, math and science are all interconnected!

My daughter participated in the camp called “SciSpies”. The theming was perfect and totally appropriate for her age. The campers find out that someone stole top secret information from the GLSC! They use science and team work to find the suspect and recover the top secret documents!

We loved that the virtual experience offers one dedicated camp counselor throughout the entire week and that the class size was perfect for individual interaction – at around 10 campers. The camp was flexible, interactive and well spent educational time for my child. The camp counselors are excellent with the children and extremely attentive! They provided additional support and advice to children as they need it, but really let the child’s imagination and problem solving take the lead. They also kept the children on task and excited about what they are learning! My daughter felt like she was in a real classroom instead of a virtual one – she forgot that she was on a computer and participating virtually!

The GLSC provides all the materials that your child would possibly need for the camp. Not only was the process simple for pick up, the materials were extremely well organized and easy to understand. Check out the pictures of some of the materials below:

My daughter was engaged in creativity the entire week – she was most excited about her Rube Goldberg trap that she designed to trap the suspect! Check it out below!

Should I sign my child up for Camp Curiosity?

Absolutely! This virtual camp was excellent and well worth the cost! If you are looking for a high quality, educational, engaging and interactive virtual camp, check out Camp Curiosity At Home! It exceeded our expectations for a virtual classroom!

My kindergarteners assessment – “That was so fun, Mom! I loved it!”

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For more details and to follow our journey through Camp Curiosity, you can go to my Instagram page and click on ‘Camp Curiosity’ in my highlights.

– Kristen

Disclaimer: The Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC) gifted me one complimentary weeklong experience to Camp Curiosity in exchange for my honest feedback. As always, all opinions are completely my own.

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