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Makey Makey a Band Band in Your Home Home!

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A few weeks ago, I won a STEM at home kit from Pitsco Education for their Freebie Friday STEM @ Home. The home kit we received is called Makey Makey Classic.

Image credit: Amazon

What is the Makey Makey Classic?

The Makey Makey Classic is a invention kit that allows you to make a controller (similar to the original Nintendo sets) into anything you want! It comes with the controller, 7 alligator cables, 1 USB cord, 6 connector wires, instructions and stickers.

When we opened the box, I was immediately transported back to 90s memories playing on my brothers original Nintendo set! Check out the controller!

How did you use the Makey Makey Classic at Home?

After following the instructions (included) for set up, my kids played the bongo and piano with everyday objects around our home that are conductive. This kit allowed for some really fun hands on experiments with the kids and provided them with some introductory knowledge into circuitry, materials science and computer science.

We tested out objects and materials that are both conductive and not. We experimented with many fruits and vegetables (like bananas & celery), glasses of water, each others hands, aluminum foil, pieces of felt, plastic containers, plastic lids, the metal bottom of our clothes iron, etc. With each object, we determined if it was conductive. My kids realized that things made of water and uncoated metal were good conductors – glass of water, fruits / vegetables, human hands, aluminum foil, etc.

We also tested out what would happen when we ‘completed the circuit’ and when we did not.

Do you recommend the Makey Makey Classic?

This kit is rated for kids age 8 and above. My kids, 3 and 5, LOVED it! This kit has so many possibilities for fun, experimentation and invention. As an example, I’ve seen others use it to play online pac-man & Mario Brothers. The remote controller could really be remapped into many different inventions. I would personally recommend this STEM toy to any child inventor! Younger children will need assistance but for older children, there is not limit to the imagination!

My daughter’s thoughts:

“I liked this toy a lot! I enjoyed making music with different objects around the house.”

You can purchase this kit via Pitsco Education, Amazon, or directly from the Makey Makey website!


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