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DISCLAIMER:  I am an Amazon Associate.  As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases made using the links in this post at no additional cost to you. Osmo gifted their *NEW* Coding Starter Kit to my family to share my honest review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Osmo released some very exciting news about their coding games! Read more below!

(If you aren’t familiar with Osmo, check out my previous post about the Creative Starter Kit.)

Osmo combined three of their bestselling games: 1) Coding with Awbie (beginner), 2) Coding Jam (intermediate) & 3) Coding Duo (Advanced) into one set – the Osmo – Coding Starter Kit for iPad / Osmo – Coding Starter Kit for Fire Tablet or the Coding Family Bundle. These games and their coding blocks were previously sold separately.

What is included in the Osmo Coding Starter Kit and Coding Family Bundle?

The Osmo – Coding Starter Kit for iPad / Osmo – Coding Starter Kit for Fire Tablet includes 31 tangible Coding blocks as well as the base set for your tablet or iPad, while the Coding Family Bundle is for families that already love Osmo and only need the coding blocks.

Above: These are the coding blocks included in the Osmo – Coding Starter Kit for iPad / Osmo – Coding Starter Kit for Fire Tablet and Coding Family Bundle.

Each game is interactive, hands on, and helps children:

  • Learn and build on basic coding concepts,
  • Develop cognitive skills,
  • Enhance problem solving skills, and
  • Develop computational thinking for coding.

What is Coding with Awbie, Coding Jam and Coding Duo?

Coding with Awbie Game:

Awbie is a playful character that LOVES to eat ‘strawbies” (aka strawberries). Children guide Awbie with coding commands to run, jump, and grab as many strawberries or pies as possible. Once the strawberry meter is filled, a seed can be planted in the Awbie’s campground. These grow more strawberries and can be used in combination with other items to upgrade Awbie’s camp to things like a cabin, a campfire or a bed. On his adventures, he may find helpful critters for his camp.

My children LOVE this game! It is excellent for enhancing cognitive skills and it provides a wonderful foundation to understand the basics in coding! As children progress further in the program, Awbie encounters different terrain and challenges that force children to get creative and challenge their problem solving skills.

Coding Jam Game:

Coding Jam is a fun game where children use the coding blocks to make songs and music with characters that form a band. Children arrange the coding blocks to control the characters and the instruments they play. As children go through the practice levels, they collect hearts for completing the levels which are used to unlock new studios and characters to join the Jamming crew!

My 5 year old loves this game and she loves teaching her younger sister, who loves music, how to use it too! They enjoy creating jams together and playing their creations for our family.

Coding Duo Game:

Our good friend, Mo from the Creative Starter Kit, makes a come back in this game with Awbie. Mo and Awbie’s friend, the scientist, calls on them to help find and capture his escaped pets! Mo and Awbie both work together to reach the end of several ‘brain-stretching’ challenges to capture the scientists missing pets and return them.

My husband and I love to play this game together with our daughter – it’s even challenging for adults! We work as a team (one person is Mo while the other is Awbie) to problem solve each level together.

Do you recommend the Coding Starter Kit and Coding Family Bundle?

ABSOLUTELY!!! The coding games are my favorite Osmo products. The coding suite is absolutely brilliant in teaching children how to code through hands on tangible play!

The coding concepts my children learned with this set were how to:

  • Sequence coding commands to build an algorithm,
  • Debug their code by using the “path projection” features,
  • Create coding loops, and
  • Develop subroutines.

As for my kids thoughts:

“I really liked Coding Duo because two people can play together as a team. The levels are also extra challenging which makes them so fun! Mo and Awbie are my favorite Osmo characters!” – 5 year old

“I liked Coding Jam the best because I like using the fun characters to create some jams! I love making music!” – 3 year old

As you can see, they LOVE this set too!

If you are interested in learning more or purchasing either the Osmo – Coding Starter Kit for iPad / Osmo – Coding Starter Kit for Fire Tablet or the Coding Family Bundle, just click on the links in this post!


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    Those sound great!! I definitely want to try them.

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      This one is currently out favorite. We play it everyday and love that we can play as a family!

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