Get Osmo Amazing Airships for your Cargo this Winter!

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DISCLAIMER:  I am an Amazon Associate.  As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases made using the links in this post at no additional cost to you. Osmo gifted Math Wizard and the Amazing Airships to my family to share my honest review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Are you still looking for fun last minute holiday educational gifts or for supplemental learning practice for your child going into the new year? Osmo games are the perfect gifts for children. There are so many game options for supplemental practice in math, reading, coding, geometry, algebraic thinking, logical thinking and reasoning, working with money, practicing art, and using your imagination! Check out all the Osmo games we’ve tried and reviewed over the years.

When it comes to supplemental math practice, our children consistently grab Osmo’s Math Wizard games! I’ve previously reviewed 4 of the 5 existing Math Wizard series games:

We were ecstatic to be gifted the 5th in the series from Osmo, Math Wizard and the Amazing Airships, to complete our Math Wizard collection. I am so excited to share our experience with this game!

What is Osmo Math Wizard and the Amazing Airships?

Osmo Math Wizard and the Amazing Airships includes two games. The first game, Amazing Airships, is a mental math subtraction and addition game where children learn to balance equations in order to ensure that the ships, they create, stay afloat and cargo is safely delivered.

Children not only balance equations, but they also build equations while simultaneously building ships to carry packages for delivery. For every package that is delivered safely, children earn tokens that can be used to purchase fun accessories for their ships and their builder, Rupert. Throughout the game, the children persist through various challenges to unlock more games and earn more tokens. The challenges include things like bouncing or exploding cargo, not using certain balloons to carry the cargo, etc. It’s really fun! And like all the other Osmo games we’ve tried, my children don’t even feel like they are learning!

The second game is an add on game in the Math Wizard Arcade called “Clockwork”. In this game, children use their counting skills to direct a robot through an obstacle course to reach the end target. This is a virtual game, so it does not require game pieces.

What‘s included in Osmo Math Wizard and the Amazing Airships?

The Osmo Math Wizard and the Amazing Airships toolbox includes: (1) Magical Blueprint Board, (16) Ship Pieces, (16) Cargo/Box Pieces, and (12) Balloon Pieces.

Children gain practice in solving algebra problems (solve for unknowns), adding, subtracting, and skip counting. But what I especially loved about this game were the engineering and supply chain challenges along the way! The challenges require problem solving, like how to keep the cargo / boxes from bouncing and exploding or how to ensure that the balloons can carry the weight of the cargo ship.

Do you recommend Osmo Math Wizard and the Amazing Airships?

YES! Math should be fun for children and problem solving should be exciting. And that is exactly what this game does. When learning is fun, the knowledge sticks. Osmo has for sure made math fun in this game just like all of the other Osmo Math Wizard games!

As for my oldest math wizard, she said:

I love Math Wizard and the Amazing Airships! My favorite parts are the challenges because they are fun to solve.”

– 8 year old

Maybe I have a future engineer on my hands?

In order to choose which Math Wizard games to introduce to your child, choose which math concepts you want them to learn. Below are the math concepts each game focuses on:

The games can be purchased on, and at local retailers. Check out all the other Osmo games we’ve recommended too!

Have a ‘Math Magical’ day!


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