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Have a Super Hoppy Osmo Easter!

DISCLAIMER:  I am an Amazon Associate.  As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases made using the links in this post at no additional cost to you. Osmo gifted Super Studio Mickey and Friends Drawing Game to my family to share my honest review and feedback. As always, all opinions are my own.

We are all geared up for spring learning at our house and excited to be participating in Osmo’s Easter Learnment of Champions this week! The girls were very excited to be gifted the Osmo Super Studio Mickey Mouse and Friends Drawing Game.

(Pssst… several Osmo Products are currently 30% off for Easter! All my links take you directly to this special pricing. You can also purchase these products through playosmo.com.)

(If you aren’t familiar with Osmo, check out my previous posts about the Osmo.)

What is the Osmo Super Studio Mickey Mouse and Friends Drawing Game?

In the Osmo Super Studio Mickey Mouse and Friends Drawing Game your little artist interacts with cute, charismatic, and funny Mickey Mouse and some of his friends like Donald, Goofy, and Minnie Mouse. Mickey leads them step by step along a journey to create their own story using their own imagination and creativity. This program encourages children to imagine and create while simultaneously exercising their hand-eye coordination, fine motor development, problem solving, and language skills.

There are several Super Studio Drawing Games to choose from in the series: Super Studio Princess, Super Studio Frozen II, and Super Studio Incredibles 2. We personally also have tried Super Studio Princess and Frozen II – they are also a big hit in our home!

What is included in the Osmo Super Studio Mickey Mouse and Friends Drawing Game?

The Super Studio Mickey Mouse and Friends includes Super Studio Mickey Mouse & Friends Sketchpad, 2 Super Studio Markers, and Super Sweeper Eraser. The application can be easily downloaded onto your iPad or tablet from the app store. Like all the other Osmo games, an Osmo base is required for your iPad or tablet in order to play. The base is not included in this set, but it can be purchased separately (Osmo iPad base / Tablet base) or with a starter kit (see my previous blog posts for starter kits that include the base).

Would you recommend the Osmo Super Studio Mickey Mouse and Friends Drawing Game?

Absolutely! I am a huge fan of all of the Osmo products we’ve tried for my kids! And the best part is that the learning is all hands-on! The Super Studio games in particular help children continue to develop and fine tune their fine motor skills, imagination, creativity, hand-eye coordination, problem solving, listening, and language skills all while having fun! Like all the other Osmo products we have, my children don’t even realize they are learning!

What did my little artists think?

“It was amazing to make my own story creations with Mickey.”

My 6 year old.

“I loved it! It was so fun to make the Minnie Mouse bow and her skirt.”

My 3 year old.

As you can see, they both gave this game two thumbs up!

BONUS: What else can I do with Osmo this Easter holiday season?

We downloaded the Osmo Masterpiece Drawing Game and let our kids go wild making some fun Easter cards! The Masterpiece game is another application for your little artist to practice drawing! Children can take a photo of their favorite object (like an Easter Bunny or a flower arrangement) and the iPad transposes it as a drawing on the iPad screen. Then children can draw the objects! There are templates available of various objects that children can select, like letters, cursive, and numbers. Once the drawing is complete, they are also saved into an ‘art gallery’.

Check out the cute Easter card we made with the program! Masterpiece is such a versatile program that really helps with hand-eye coordination practice and kids love their creation in the end!

“I love Masterpiece because my drawing came to life on my Easter card!” – My 6 year old.

You can find the Osmo Super Studio Mickey Mouse and Friends Drawing Game here and the other Osmo products here! Also, check out my other Osmo product reviews here!

The Super Studio kits in particular are budget friendly and they are easy to fit into an Easter basket! Right now, you can also get them and other games 30% off – just in time for Easter!


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