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Step Aside Olympics, Osmo’s Enchanted Games are Here!

DISCLAIMER:  I am an Amazon Associate.  As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases made using the links in this post at no additional cost to you. Osmo gifted Math Wizard and the Enchanted World Games to my family to share my honest review. As always, all opinions are my own.

The Math Wizard series by Osmo has every trick in the spell book to help your child become a math wizard! The Math Wizard series has truly impressed me as a parent. My children are finding all the games extremely fun and I can see a dramatic difference in their confidence in math and working with numbers!

So far, I’ve reviewed two new releases in the Math Wizard series: Math Wizard and the Secrets of the Dragons (read my blog post review here) and Math Wizard and the Magical Workshop (read my blog post review here). 

This post is all about another new game in the series called Math Wizard and the Enchanted Games!

(Again, if you aren’t familiar with Osmo, check out my original post about the Osmo. If you would like to learn more about their games and starter kits available, check out all my previous Osmo game posts.)

What is Osmo Math Wizard and the Enchanted Games?

The Osmo Math Wizard and the Enchanted Games is part of the new Math Wizards series that is geared towards kids ages 6-8 years old. It builds math confidence in early multiplacation skills through hands on, self paced learning.

What is included in Math Wizard and the Enchanted Games?

The Osmo Math Wizard and the Enchanted Games includes two games for children to practice foundations in multiplication skills. Each game is story based which keeps children engaged and excited. They don’t even realize that they are learning!

The included games are: (1) Bento Box and (2) Juice Box. In both games children get to play enchanted sporting events and unlock new levels and games! These games are self paced so even the most advanced math wizards will be challenged.

Each game is hands on, interactive, and helps children:

  • Build, practice, and grow foundations for multiplication skills,
  • Practice repeated addition as a foundation for multiplication,
  • Further enhance addition and subtraction skills,
  • Understand how many different combinations of numbers make the same number,
  • Enhance problem solving skills,
  • Develop cognitive skills, and
  • Boost their excitement for learning more advanced math!

The provided game pieces include: (1) Lunch Box Mat, (22) Fruit and Vegetable pieces, (1) Juice Mat, (12) Fruit Strips, and (1) Magical Token. They are all conveniently stored in the Enchanted World Games ‘snack box’. All pictured below.

What is (1) Bento Box and (2) Juice Box ?

Bento Box:

In Bento Box, children help athletes build a magical lunchbox in order to compete in competitions like running, swimming, weight lifting, and pole vaulting! They choose the best combinations of fruits to create the correct total. Fruits and vegetables are assigned a number of points and children use critical thinking skills to determine the best combinations of foods to place in the lunchbox to reach the desired total. Gems are collected along the way which can be used to update the athletes outfits and gives them more super powers!

Juice Box:

Juice Box is similar to Bento Box, except the games are team games! Children create a magical juice with the provided fruit strips using the right combination of numbers to hit the correct total. In between, they play mini games (like soccer, baseball, basketball, and relay racing) to help their team win!

Do you recommend Math Wizard and the Enchanted Games?

Yes! This game exceeded my expectations for teaching children the basics in multiplication without them even realizing that they are learning it! It is truly magical learning. The repeated addition practice as well as the clever way that Osmo introduces number decomposition in this game is truly brilliant. I only wished I had a game like this one when I was a young child!

As for my little math wizards thoughts:

“I love playing all of the sporting events and getting new gems to dress up my players.”


As you can see, she doesn’t even realize that she is learning but loves this game too!

This game and others can be purchased on Amazon,, and at local retailers.

Check out all the other Osmo games we’ve recommended too!

Have a ‘Math Magical’ day!


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