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Did someone say Family Game Night?… Genius!

DISCLAIMER:  I am an Amazon Associate.  As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases made using the links in this post at no additional cost to you. Osmo gifted their Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night to my family to share my honest review. As always, all opinions are my own.

This holiday season, there’s one gift that I’ll recommend time and time again and that is the gift of Osmo under your tree! For this post, I’m reviewing Osmo’s Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night (for iPad / for Fire Tablet)!

What is included in the Osmo Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night?

The Osmo – Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night for iPad / Osmo – Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night for Fire Tablet includes 7 total games – Tangram, Words, Numbers, Math Buzz*, Lettertopia*, Newton, and Masterpiece.

Each game is hands on, interactive, and helps children:

  • Build, practice, and grow basic math, engineering, art, and reading concepts,
  • Develop cognitive skills,
  • Enhance problem solving skills, and
  • Create fun memories with their family during game nights at home! It’s so much fun, children don’t even realize they are learning!

What is Tangram, Words, Numbers, Math Buzz*, Lettertopia*, Newton, and Masterpiece?


Tangram has been around for many centuries but it was recently re-invented as an interactive, hands on virtual game for children by Osmo! The game includes several rounds of puzzles with varying degrees of difficulty for children to play. It’s puzzles are fun and challenging. Children earn achievements for the rounds they complete. Kids arrange the tangram shapes provided to match the image on the screen. This game increases spatial awareness through hands on, tactile play.


Osmo Words is a word spelling and guessing game. A picture with letter tiles provide clues for each word. A family could play together in Zen mode or compete against one another versus mode. Zen Jr. mode is a less difficult version of the other modes and help children with letter sound recognition – this game is great for kids in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten that are just starting out or growing their phonics skills!


Osmo Numbers is an exciting and rewarding math game for kids to help them with their addition / subtraction skills, counting, and subitizing. Children fill the tank with fish and water as quickly as possible before the hook catches all the fish in the tank.  They must pop bubbles to release the fish, coral, water and other items into the tank by solving math problems – what combination of numbers come together to make the number in that particular bubble (essentially through addition or subtraction).

Math Buzz*:

Osmo Math Buzz is cute little game of number recognition and early addition. Children use the number pieces to help bees collect as much honey as possible before the wasps can get them. This game is wonderful for my child about to enter preschool as she learns number recognition and it’s been a great review of early addition for my kindergartener as she teaches her sister.


Osmo Lettertopia is a two person crossword puzzle and spelling game. Children move their players together as a team. As they move further in the game, the levels become more difficult allowing children to grow their vocabulary and improve their word associations as they explore new places and collect various creatures.

This game is a bit advanced for my childrens ages right now, but I love that they can grow into this one as they grow their vocabulary!

Newton & Masterpiece:

I reviewed these games previously in my blog post about the Creative Starter Kit. Please click on the link and scroll down the page to read those reviews.

Do you recommend Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night?

Without a doubt, ABSOLUTELY! If you have children ages 6-10, I highly recommend this be your first starter kit! (I would even stretch this starter kit to ages 4-10, depending on the young child’s skill level.) This kit grows with your children and it’s an incredible program that has kept my children motivated to learn. They come back to it time and time again. Not only that, but these games are SO fun for family game night at home! Kids have so much fun, they don’t even know they’re learning!

As for my kids thoughts:

 “I have so much fun playing these games with my Mom, Dad, and sister! I like teaching my little sister how to play Math Buzz so that she can learn her numbers. The Numbers game is my favorite because I love math. I really like Words too!” – my 5 year old.

“I love helping the bees get their honey in Math Buzz because I like honey!” – my 3 year old

As you can see, they LOVE this set and they are both LEARNING without even realizing it!

This is a such a great holiday gift! If you are interested in purchasing this set, click here for Osmo – Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night for iPad and click here for Osmo – Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night for Fire Tablet.

If you would like to learn more about other Osmo kits we’ve tried, check them out here.


*= (special digital download only included in the Family Game Night Bundle)

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