Marble Painting Kit for Kids

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My daughter was gifted the Dan & Darci Marbling Paint Art Kit from a friend for her birthday and we were so excited to try it out!

What is Marble Painting and how does it work?

If you aren’t familiar with marble painting, it is the art of printing multi-colored swirled or stone-like patterns on paper. My girls loved making such fun and beautiful art work with this kit!

The most difficult part in this kit is measuring the included carrageenan powder (with the provided spoon) and boiling it to create the solution the day before. The solution must sit for 24 hours before starting the project.

The carrageenan powder solution provides a viscous surface so that the paint can “float” on its surface for marbling. Children can use the 5 provided paint colors, pipette, and stylus’ to create a fun design in the tray with the carrageenan powder solution. After they are happy with their design, the child or adult carefully lays the art sheet over the paint and gently pushes down on it. When ready, pull up the art sheets to see the beautiful designs! Then allow the paint to dry.

We used our designs to display as artwork in our home, but these could also be used to make fun cards for friends and family!

What is included in the kit?

This kit contains everything that you and your child need to get started – a design tray, 5 paint colors, carrageenan powder, spoon, pipette, spreader, 3 styluses, and 10 art sheets.

Do you recommend this kit?

YES! Both of my girls (ages 3 and 6) had a blast with this kit! If your child loves art, this is a great kit for them to explore the science behind marble painting, learn to measure and create a solution, and create beautiful artwork to enjoy and share!

If you are interested in purchasing this kit, you can use my sponsored links here! This would be a really great Easter basket gift for kids.


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