Unlocking Level 2 of Osmo Reading Adventure

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DISCLAIMER:  I am an Amazon Associate.  As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases made using the links in this post at no additional cost to you. Osmo gifted Osmo Reading Adventure to my family to share my honest review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Osmo Reading Adventure has been a highly utilized and loved software program in our home since it was gifted to us just a month ago! In case you missed my previous post, we were first gifted the *NEW* Osmo Reading Adventure last month. (In that post, you can find out more information about Osmo and the Reading Adventure program.) My 5-year-old has just started reading and this program has been great supplemental reading practice and has given her just the confidence boost she needed to continue on her reading journey. Recently, Osmo gifted us the SECOND SET from the Reading Adventure program.

What is included in your second set of Reading Adventure?

This set included a magic wand and four new reading books. These books were selected just for my child’s abilities based on the previous books she received. The books in this set included “Where is Fig” (New Reader level 2), “The Bear in Bed” (New Reader level 2). “Mine!” (Early Reader level 1), and “I am Big” (Early Reader level 1).

The same friends, Oliver and Nebula, are still along for the reading adventure with my child but with new books and exciting new missions! The characters encourage your child along the way and help build their reading vocabulary in a fun, friendly, and non-judgmental way.

Is my child just reading books in Reading Adventure?

No! At the end of each book, there are several fun ‘games’ for your child to practice consonant and vowel sounds, story comprehension, sight word recognition, CVC word building, and more. These games are so fun, children don’t even realize that they are learning! The program automatically takes note of what reading skills your child needs to practice and then creates fun games to work on those skills. The program then gradually re-introduces books with those new learned skills.

Key features in this program include:

  • Read Alouds: Speech recognition technology gives instant feedback to the reader.
  • Personalization: Adjusts challenges and practices to your child’s reading level as they advance.
  • Practice in Play: Interactive games to reinforce new reading skills and build Confident Readers
  • As kids read aloud to Oliver, they get real-time, customized feedback.

Now that you’ve had Reading Adventure for almost two months with your child, do you still recommend this program?

Without a doubt, yes! After one hour of my child playing with this new set, I asked her, “Do you want to take a break?”

She immediately said, “No! This is so much fun!”

My child has undoubtedly improved her reading abilities with the use of this program for supplemental reading practice. Even though it will not replace our individual reading times together (thankfully!), it has helped my child further grow her confidence in reading. I know that as she enters kindergarten and first grade, my child will be a confident reader.

In addition, this program gives children the opportunity to find page numbers in the book on their own. A critical math skill needed for kindergarten and beyond!

Like with any program that uses voice recognition technology today, it is not always perfect. My biggest constructive criticism is that sometimes the program jumps ahead highlighting words further on the page when my child is still trying to sound out a word several words behind. Even though that has occasionally happened, it has not seemed to interfere with my child’s confidence or progress in the program. Your child will also need to work on this program in a quiet place to ensure the voice recognition technology does not get confused.

Overall, I believe in this program as an important supplemental reading program for children. I have seen the incredible progress that my child has had over the past month while using it in additional to our normal activities at home.



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