Amazon Prime Days Deals on STEM Toys

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DISCLAIMER:  I am an Amazon Associate.  As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases made using the links in this post at no additional cost to you. Amazon Prime Days lasts from October 13-14.

Amazon has many STEM toys discounted! Click the link below for all of them:

Discounted STEM Toys!

Here’s a quick list of links to STEM Toys & Games that I recommend for the holiday! Keep an eye out for PRIME DAY deals on these products!

Osmo Products – Some 30-40% off!

  • This is my #1 recommended STEM gift this year! If you need more information on some of the Osmo products we have, check my posts here!

Magnatiles – Some 30% off!

LEGOs – Some up to 20% off!

Flower Garden Building Toys – Some 20% off – My kids LOVE these!

Snap Circuits – Watch for possible deals on these sets!

Marble Runs – Some up to 10% off!

Stomp Rockets for Kids – Some up to 20% off!

Play-doh Sets – Some 30% off!

Math Manipulatives – We love many of these and are currently using them for virtual learning!

Experiment Books – Some are almost 50% off!

People Change the World Books – Some up to 50% off!

Coding Critters – Some up to 50% off!

Take Apart Toys – Some up to 20% off!

Keep checking back for updates!


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