Jack-O’-Lantern Math

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Is your little mathematician learning shapes? Check out these fun Halloween shaped Jack-O’-Lantern Math activity and try them out at home!


What to do:

  1. Create 4 orange pumpkins with pre-drawn faces (shapes) on the front to create a Jack-O’-Lantern.
  2. Cut out black shapes to match the pre-drawn faces.
  3. Ask your child to match the black shapes that you cut out with the pre-drawn pumpkin faces.  As they matched them, name the shapes together.
  4. The back of the pumpkins are blank. Allow your child to use it as a canvas to create pumpkin faces with all the shapes!  Again, name each of the shapes together.
  5. Count out the total number of each black shape and graph it on paper together.
  6. Discuss which shape had the most, which the least, and which the same amount or equal number of shapes.

This Jack-O’-Lantern Math is flexible and can be changed up depending on your child’s interests and abilities.

Let me know if you do this activity and what you think! Are you looking for more Halloween activities? Check out all of these!


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