Clover Coffee Filter Sun Catchers

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Colorful experiments are my absolute favorite! Here’s another colorful STEAM experiment that’s easy to work on at home! Since it’s close to Saint Patrick’s Day, we framed ours inside clovers!

What you need:

  • Coffee filter
  • Colorful markers (do not use washable)
  • Spray bottle filled with water (if you don’t have a spray bottle, you can use a damp paint brush to mix and wet the filter)
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Table mat or disposable tablecloth (colors will bleed through the coffee filter)

What you do:

  1. Lay your coffee filter flat.
  2. Use various colors to make either a rainbow or other colorful design on the coffee filter. (Be sure the coffee filter is filled with enough color to fill your frame.)
  3. Take your spray bottle and make the entire coffee filter wet.
  4. Let it dry.
  5. Use the construction paper to cut out a frame for your sun catcher. We made clovers to honor Saint Patricks Day.
  6. Glue or tape the coffee filter to the frame and cut off the excess from the coffee filters.
  7. Use tape to hang it from a sunny window.

What is happening?

Most markers are made up of mostly pigments and water. When the markers are applied to the coffee filter and dry, only the pigment remains. When you add water again, the pigments move and flow with the water molecules until they dry again.

Do you enjoy colorful sun catchers at home? Have you tried this before?

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