Columbus Ohio, LEGOLAND Discovery Center

Have Fun at LEGOLAND® Discovery Center in Columbus Ohio

Disclaimer: My family and I received 4 free admission tickets to LEGOLAND® Discovery Center in Columbus, Ohio in exchange for sharing our honest experience. As always, all opinions are my own.

Our family recently checked out Legoland® Discovery Center located in Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio. We had a blast! My kids instantly ‘clicked’ with all the fun activities, and we easily spent over 5 hours there.

About LEGOLAND Discovery Center

LEGOLAND® Discovery Center in Columbus, Ohio is located in Easton Town Center. If you’ve never been, the center includes an indoor mall and outdoor shopping and dining. It’s a really great area of Columbus with tons to do including the American Girl store and more high-end retail.

LEGOLAND® Discovery Center is located inside the mall on the first floor. If you park on the first level of the garage, you can walk in the doors to the mall entrance and take a brief walk to find it. LEGOLAND® Discovery Center is essentially a giant indoor Lego® playground for kids approximately ages 3-10. It has several attractions:

  • Lego® Factory Tour
  • Kingdom Quest
  • Lego® Miniland
  • Lego® Friends
  • Lego® Duplo Farm
  • Lego® Build & Test Zone
  • Lego® 4D Cinema
  • Creative Workshop
  • Merlin’s Apprentice Ride
  • Lego® City Play Area
  • Race VR Experience

On the day we arrived, the line was already out the LEGOLAND® Discovery Center door into the mall, but it didn’t take too long to get through the line. Tickets are not cheap, especially for a family of 4, so I would highly recommend purchasing your tickets on-line before you go (or at least checking out the options) so that you have time to determine which package is best for you. On the day we went, we added on the VR experience ($8 each) and the activity pack ($5 each).

In my opinion, the general admission was plenty of fun! The VR experience can be purchased later inside at the coffee shop if you choose to add that on. The activity pack was a great idea and concept, but my kids mostly used those to collect stamps inside. We probably could have done without them because we were so busy enjoying everything inside! But if you would like extra challenges, these are a great option!

Favorites from Our Visit

Our family had several favorites from our visit.

The Lego® Factory Tour

As engineers, my husband and I loved the Lego® Factory Tour. The kids enjoyed it too. As tourists, we were given a video tour of the Lego® factory by some hysterical flying robots and built some of our own Lego® characters. We learned about how they are built, packaged, and then shipped around the world.

Kingdom Quest

Kingdom Quest was one of the first interactive rides we encountered, and we rode it at least 10 different times! On this ride, guests hop up on their chariot to zap trolls and skeletons, which leads to saving the princess. Who had the top score each time? I went undefeated in this quest!

Lego® Miniland

The Lego® Miniland was a fun place to visit. This is an interactive city scape made of all Lego®. The cities include Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland. Thanks to the Cincinnati exhibit, I’ll be taking my kids to Jungle Jim’s on our next visit there. We raced each other several times on the boat races, and ran a touchdown pass down the Ohio State football field. It’s a fun little exhibit where guests experience the cities during the daytime and also at nighttime. I hope you can recognize some of the landmarks below!

Lego® 4D Cinema

The 4D cinema was for sure a big hit! There were four movies available, and we were able to enjoy 3 of them during our visit. During the show, we wore 3D glasses and felt and saw rain, snow, wind, fog, and even spit as they burst off the screen! The movies played about every 15-20 minutes, which made it easy to catch several of them. The front row seats are totally worth it, so if you can snag those seats, we highly recommend them.

Merlin’s Apprentice Ride

Merlin’s Apprentice Ride was also a family favorite! This ride is located in Merlin’s secret potions chamber. In order to become his next apprentice, we had to pedal faster and faster to conjure up the spell and soar to the sky!

Race VR Experience

A fun, newer addition to LEGOLAND® Discovery Center is this virtual reality race experience. My kids said it was a really fun racing experience where they zoomed through Lego® water, lava, and flew through the air to finish a race. They wanted to do it again and again! This experience cost us an additional $8 per person. Please note, that in order to enjoy this experience, riders must be at least 39 inches tall and weigh less than 233 pounds. The kids told us it was definitely worth it!

Other Experiences

There are plenty other experiences we enjoyed like the build and test zone! This was a popular area with many children, so I was unable to get any photos to share. In this zone, guests build Lego® cars and test them on several racetracks and build mini cities and towns to test on earthquake tables. My girls also enjoyed the Lego® Friends area for a period of time. Since my children are older, they didn’t spend as much time in the Duplo area, but I could see children under 5 enjoying this zone. One area that was available to us on our visit was the Lego® dots zone. The girls were provided a Lego® dots bracelet and their choice of Lego® dots to decorate. I am not sure if this is aways available to guests, but it was a great addition to our visit. The Lego® city play area was fun as well. It is a large play yard with Lego® themes throughout.

Would you recommend LEGOLAND® Discovery Center to your friends and family?

Yes! Anyone with children around the ages of 3 to 10 would enjoy this experience. If your child LOVES Lego® like mine, then you should definitely plan a trip here. It’s within 2 hours and 30 minutes from Cleveland and Cincinnati, so the trip here is extremely convenient for a quick getaway.

One quick note, if you do plan to go… once you enter LEGOLAND® Discovery Center, you cannot leave and re-enter. So be sure to plan your trip accordingly. While LEGOLAND® Discovery Center does have a coffee shop with a small selection of food and drinks available, we decided to eat lunch before we entered so that we had more options available to us. There is also a creative workshop available and for an extra cost, guests can build with a Master Model Builder.

Of course, we ended our trip with some shopping at the Lego store. The girls were so excited to bring home some new items to add to their home collections.

I hope that you enjoyed my review! If you have any questions about our experience, please reach out to me on social media, through the comments, or via email

Thank you again to LEGOLAND® Discovery Center for allowing my family the opportunity to check out the center and share our experience with my followers!


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