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STEM Careers Interview Series: Great Lakes Science Center Associate Director of Exhibits, Claire Dorsett

I am so pleased to introduce another incredible Cleveland, Ohio STEM professional, Claire Dorsett. Claire is the Associate Director of Exhibits at the Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC) in Cleveland, Ohio. Claire has a very unique story and educational background in English that eventually led her to a very creative STEM position that she loves!

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Virtual STEM Camp Engages Curiosity, Creativity and Fun!

What do you look for in a virtual camp for your child?  I look for fun, engaging, interactive camps that allow for a little bit of individualized attention and opportunities for my child to express herself!  The #CampCuriosity at Home virtual STEM camp presented by the Great Lakes Science Center was all of those things and more!   My kindergartener loved all aspects of this virtual camp - the creativity, the fun, the problem solving, the socialization and the individualized attention!  Read more in my blog post!