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STEM Toy Reviews & Suggested Buys:

My Complete List of 2018 STEM Buys

My Complete List of 2019 STEM Buys

My Complete List of 2020 STEM Buys – Coming Soon!

Osmo PostsIncludes 1) Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night, 2) Coding Starter Kit & Family Bundle, 3) Creative Starter Kit

OSMO Early Math & Skip Counting

Makey Makey a Band Band in your Home Home!

Sums in Space – Math Game

STEAM Themed Easter Baskets

Learning Numbers and Early Math

STEM Books – Reading STEM’s Learning Series:

All Books

Ordinary People Change the World Book Series

The Science of Defying Gravity

Claire Dorsett’s Top Picks! (Associate Director of Exhibits at the GLSC)

Dinosaur Lady

Smart About Sharks

The Day the Crayons Quit

The Crayon Man

Grant the Jigsaw Giraffe

After the Fall

The Most Magnificent Thing

“Her STEM Career” and “How She Discovered Engineering”

Danica McKellar Books

“Do not lick this book!”

Andrea Beaty Books

STEM Career Interviews:

Chemical and Materials Engineer Gabi

Meet Dr. Sean, Pediatric Anesthesiologist

Meet Dr. Sunita Mathew, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Engineering Educator Assistant Dean Dr. Whitney B. Gaskins

Greater Cleveland Aquarium Aquarist Laura B

Dr. Caitlin Colleary, Assistant Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Great Lakes Science Center Associate Director of Exhibits, Claire Dorsett

Holden Forest & Gardens, Plant Biologist, Katie Stuble

My Interview with Engineering Emily

STEM Activities & Experiments:

Shape Detectives: Learning Shapes!

Foaming JACK-O’-LANTERN Experiment

Play Ecosystem Jenga!

Salt Dough Fossil Digs!

Easy, Colorful Cornstarch Painting & Science!

Create Your Own Melted Crayon Art!

Recycle Crayons into New Shapes!

Bring the Color in with Crayon Sun Catchers!

The Skittles Rainbow Experiment – Learning the Art of Chemistry!

Becoming a Process Engineer by Sorting Materials at Home!

Becoming a Microbiologist with Yeast Balloons!

Board Games to Learn Basics in Programming

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Science


Introducing Science through making Ice Cream

Make your own Explorer Packs for Nature Exploration with the Kids

Become a Food Chemist this Easter and Experiment with Peeps

Leftover Halloween Candy Experiments

Jaw Biting Math! Teaching More Than and Less Than…

Pipe Cleaner Spiders – STEM Manufacturing

Finger Counting Math Sheets

The $3 Solar System

STEM Movies & Shows:

My Current Top 7 Favorite Kid and Family Friendly STEM Shows

GLSC Great Barrier Reef Movie Proves to be Turtle-tastic!!

Giveaway: The Great Bear Rainforest at the GLSC is ‘Paw’sitively Inspirational!

Celebrate Superpower Dogs at the GLSC

Backyard Wilderness at the Great Lakes Science Center Helps Us See What We Are All Missing

Explore the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center

STEM Museums:

The Cincinnati Museum Center has re-opened!

Celebrating the Holidays at the Cincinnati Museum Center!

The True Magic of Christmas lives at Kringle’s Inventionasium in Cleveland, Ohio!

GIVEAWAY to GLSC: 4 General Admission Tickets and a Parking Voucher to the Great Lakes Science Center

Holiday Educational Family Friendly Fun in 2019 Cleveland

Exciting News and Thank you!

Museum Week Wrap Up

The Vroom Exhibit at the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland Ohio is Tire-iffic!!!

Grossology Exhibit Exceeds Gross-ness Expectations! Don’t miss it!

GLSC STEM Educators Resource Event

Strong Museum of Play in Rochester New York

Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, New York

STEM Camps, Programs, & Challenges:

Virtual GLSC STEM Camp Engages Curiosity, Creativity and Fun!

By Owl Means, Check out the CMNH Home Education Programs!

CleSTEM event happening October 19!

NASA Name the Mars Rover Challenge contest is currently underway

Curiosity Corner LIVE Design Challenges for the Week of June 1 through June 12!

Curiosity Corner LIVE Design Challenges for the Week of June 15 through June 19!

‘Virtual’ Learning with Scholastics

Lake Metroparks STEM Programs for Children and Families

Check out the Veterinary Procedures at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Built to Survive: Biomechanics at Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Blogiversary & Other:

GIVEAWAY: Two Year Blogiversary

GIVEAWAY: This month is my ONE year BLOGiversary!!!

9/11 Reflections

Exciting News and Thank you!

It’s time to celebrate National Engineer’s Week or E-Week!

Season of Silent Reflection

My why…

A New Job Title…